WSOP in Las Vegas

Poker is the most popular game in the world and many people use different strategies to win. Poker fever never ends and this is the month of the world’s biggest poker and gambling tournament. The World Series of Poker, which WSOP stands for is the traditional Las Vegas gambling tournament hosting thousands of world’s best gamblers, common people successful in gambling who want to earn money and try their luck, as well as thousands of interested spectators, journalists and tourists. It is a real peak of entertainment in the Sin City. This event, which lasts a bit more than 45 days, brings enormous profit to the city and its industry.

When does the WSOP take place?

This year, the great entertainment started on May 29th and will last until July 17th. The “no-gamble-no-fortune” saying gets its real meaning during this month and a half. Entries are taken months before and only the Main Event attracts several thousand competitors eagerly wanting the jackpot.

How much is the main prize worth?

The main prize is worth several million dollars! World’s best gamblers all hope to win this amazing prize. However, unknown gamblers often beat all the rivals and go home with a large amount of money. This year’s race will also be full of expectations on many sides and definitely full of surprises. Many are even hoping to get the aces cracked bonus. The opportunities at the World Series of Poker are numerous and the luckiest ones will go home with millions.

Interesting things that marked past WSOP tournaments

Each year at least three or four unexpected situations mark the WSOP days. There are several funny, bizzare and interesting facts about previous WSOP tournaments. For example, the youngest gambler who won the main prize was only 24. His name is Fil Helmut. It is even more interesting that he had to shave his head because he misjudged the outcome of the tournament the year he won. They say that gambling addiction is the strongest addiction that exists. Have you ever heard of Johnny Moss? He became famous as he is the only person who was declared a WSOP Champion actually without winning the event. Chris Moneymaker (interesting last name, isn’t it?) won the 2003 WSOP and gave 20 percent of the winnings to his father and used 20 percent to pay his next Vegas trip. This is Las Vegas baby!