What dumbbells are recommended for your home gym?

A set of dumbbells with two bars and several discs (at least 20 kg) will surely be the best and cheapest option you have if you want to gain a decent amount of muscle mass from home.

Here we will give some recommendations for your home gym.

Determine the weight

As you progress with your bodybuilding exercises at home, you need to go by adjusting the weight of the dumbbells. Although you must also be clear about which muscles you most want to work with.

For example, if you want to strengthen and tone your arms but you are a person without much body mass, ideally you start with a weight that reaches 5 to 15 kilograms. With these, you will work for a long time.

In case you need dumbbells to exercise your entire body, you will need models that offer greater weight. For example, if you perform squat training you can load 20 to 40 kilograms.

Therefore, it is important that before buying a model you determine what weight you need to train.

Look at the model

There are dumbbells designed for beginners, as well as others that were created for professional athletes. It is also possible to find exclusive models for men or women. Always look at this detail, because not considering it could be a big mistake.

Establish the space you need

The characteristic of the weights is not the only thing you should consider before making the purchase. The space you have in your home is also important so that these fitness pieces do not get in the way of the home.

If you opt for an adjustable dumbbell kit, space is not likely to be a problem. But if you’re considering opting for a fixed weight, you should not ignore this detail, because these models tend to be larger.

The shape of the cufflinks

Many do not believe that this is a factor of great importance, but some people prefer dumbbells with hexagonal shapes because they provide greater comfort.

And it is that the shape of these models prevents the weights slide on the floor after finishing a session or with the routine of exercises with weights at home. This usually happens with dumbbells in a traditional way when the ground has some unevenness.

Never forget the material

Apart from the rubber, in the market, you will also find dumbbells made with other materials such as plastic or neoprene. This last one is highly recommended to make weights at home, thanks to the fact that they can be worn without gloves and guarantee greater protection in the grip area.