Nautilus t616 Treadmill Review

The Nautilus t616 is a premium treadmill which offers great features. It comes with convenient foldable design and Bluetooth-enabled consoles for syncing and tracking of workout data. The build quality is also excellent. The descriptive review of the treadmill is provided below.
Some of the key pros of the Nautilus t616 treadmill are as follows:

Convenient Design

One of the biggest advantages of this treadmill is its Soft Drop folding system. This allows the users to release the running belt from folded position without having to guide it along the way to the ground. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use. The treadmill is lightweight and compact and also comes with transport wheels which makes it convenient to move.

Variety of Compatible Programs

This treadmill model offers 26 programs for the users to choose from. The different programs offered are manual, quick goal, heart health, weight control, interval, and train. Each of these programs are meant for specific workout goals and they can be preset as per the user’s requirement.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Nautilus t616 treadmill comes with Bluetooth connectivity which allows the user to sync their data to fitness app for tracking. The workout data can be seamlessly synced to apps like Nautilus Connect ™, Nautilus Trainer ™, MyFitnessPal etc. The workout data can be regularly monitored to assess the progress made on the fitness goals and it allows the users to make necessary changes to their workout regime.

Loaded Console

The console is fully loaded with features. The customers get a fan, audio system, plethora of programs and other features. The incline keys are located on the left of the console while the speed keys are placed on the right side. There are also one-touch keys for controlling the workout programs. The rich console of the t616 treadmill is worth considering its price point.


The treadmill has few drawbacks also which are as follows:

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the Nautilus t616 treadmill is only 300 pounds. There are other treadmills in the same price range which offer greater weight capacity.

Display Screen

The console though fully loaded, can be difficult to use and read due to crowded panel controls. The two display screens are small and sometimes can be difficult to read.


The Nautilus t616 is an excellent buy in its price range of under $2000. It provides Bluetooth-enabled consoles, folding design, and a host of programs for different workout schedules. It can be used for different workout regimes and is a reliable treadmill.