Best Places for Surf Holidays in South America

South America is home to some truly amazing surf destinations. With more than 144,000 miles of coastline, it offers a scintillating experience for tourists looking for a surf holiday. Some of the best places for surf holidays in South America are as follows:

Mancora, Peru

Mancora is the most popular surfing spot in Peru. It is famous for its lively nightlife and consistent surfing conditions. It is ideal for people of various surfing skills. On a trip to Mancora, you can also take some time out to travel south to visit other globally famous surfing spots- Cabo Blanco, Lobitos, Chicama, and Huanchaco. The best time to visit Mancorna is across the year but the best waves can be experienced between October and April. However, surfing is far more enjoyable during the summer period between December to April.

La Paloma, Uruguay

La Paloma is a small and quiet town in Uruguay surrounded by natural beauty and coasts. The small town provides one of South America’s best beaches and a peaceful environment for you to enjoy. La Paloma provides excellent waves for you to enjoy your surfing holidays. The waves are due to its peninsula which faces south and creates two large bays. Uruguay is a developed country in South America and located close to Buenos Aires which attracts more tourists to this location. You can combine the surf holidays with a happening nightlife if required. The best time to surf in La Paloma is from October to May.

Nuqui, Colombia

Nuqui is the surfing capital of Colombia’s beautiful Pacific coastline. It has many excellent surfing points which attracts tourists from all over the world. The town is very remote and can be reached by car or airplane from Medellin. A boat will be the best mode of transport from Medellin to get to the surf breaks. Located north of Nuqui, El Valle is only accessible by boat and is famous for its consistent surfing conditions and secluded beaches. The best time to surf in Nuqui is between June to October.

Santa Catarina, Brazil

Santa Catarina is a state located in Brazil and is popular for surf holidays. It was discovered by mainstream surfers in the 1970s and since then it is a popular destination among surfers. The location can handle about 50 surf breaks which can handle different swells, wind conditions, and tides. It is also known as the surf capital of Brazil. The location offers something for every tourist. Praia Joaquina offers the most consistent waves on this island. The best waves are found between March and November, with the largest waves occurring between June and August. Here the water is a bit colder than other parts of Brazil at 18-26 degrees.