Keto Diet While Bodybuilding

Ketogenic diet and bodybuilding have long been considered as opposites. Most people believe that bodybuilding requires a high-carb diet which is not possible on a keto diet as it is a strictly carbohydrate limiting diet regime. This has led to them questioning the effectiveness of a keto diet when you are trying to do bodybuilding. While your workout intensity may decrease after moving to a keto diet, it is a temporary phenomenon which will last 3-4 weeks. Slowly as your body adjusts to the keto diet, your intensity levels become more intense than earlier. The key principles you should comply with on a keto diet during bodybuilding are as follows:

Eat Sufficiently to Build Lean Mass

When you are on a ketogenic diet, you should ensure that you eat sufficiently to build lean mass. You body will be unable to develop lean muscle mass if you do not eat sufficient calories. If you are unable to develop muscles, then you should either increase your calorie intake or decrease the amount of energy you are burning.

Eat Less to Lose Body Fat

You should be consistently on a calorie deficit diet for you to lose body fat. Hence, to burn body fat, you should be able to burn more energy than your calorie intake.

Maximize Nutrition Before and After Training

It is important to maximize your nutrition before and after training when you are on a keto diet. This means that you should eat your keto diet rich in fats and moderate proteins nearly two hours before starting your workouts and one hour after completing it. You should prioritize taking adequate quantity of calories and nutrients before and after your workout sessions.

Eat 3-6 Meals Daily

Eating healthy is important and while on a keto diet, you should try to take at least 3-6 meals per day. It helps you to stoke your metabolism and achieve the desired results with the keto diet. In addition to eating 3-6 meals daily, you should focus on ensuring that the required calorie count and nutrients are being met by your diet. You should stick to this meal pattern consistent with your diet for best results.

Prefer Compound Exercises

Compound exercises like barbell squats, presses, rows, deadlifts, etc. provide you with the most effective results. They help you to exercise and tone different parts of your body with single exercise form. This does not mean that you should completely cut out single-joint or isolation exercises from your workout regime. You should focus and prioritize on the compound exercises first followed by single-joint or isolation exercises like triceps press downs, dumbbell front raises, etc.

Low-Carb Diet Vs Ketosis

There have been growing debates on which of a low-carb diet or keto diet is best for you. Both these diets involve consuming less carbohydrates and their suitability depends on your goal. If you want to lose weight, then keto diet has been known to have better effects than the low-carb diet. The key differences between both these diets are as follows:

Ease of Following

Both the low-carb diet and keto diet provide best results when you stick to them in the long run. Due to the restrictive nature of these diets, it becomes difficult to adhere to it for long for most dieters. Keto diet is more restrictive than the general low-carb diet and is thus more difficult to follow. It generally requires a complete overhauling of your eating habits and practices. You should start slowly and gradually decrease your food intake. You can remove all unhealthy food items from your home and not consume it again. If things are not working out, you can consult your dietician to work out alternative strategies for adhering to low-carb or keto diet.

Weight Loss

It is possible to lose weight under both a low-carb diet and keto diet. If you are on ketosis, then it is far more specific and measurable than a low-carb diet. Ketosis is considered to be a much better state to be in for weight loss. However, there is no empirical data or research to substantiate how much extra weight you can lose in ketosis compared to a generic low-carb diet.

Health Benefits

Low-carb diets has been known to regulate and improve important health markers like triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. It can also be helpful in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, fatty liver conditions, etc. Some studies suggest that keto diet can be more effective than generic low-carb diet in addressing health problems like diabetes, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and fatty liver. Keto diet is also known to be particularly helpful in addressing epilepsy in children.


When you are following a generic low-carb diet, then you cut down on the carbohydrates and replace it with fat and proteins. Consuming more proteins has a flipside in such a diet plan as the excess protein will be converted to glucose by a process known as gluconeogenesis. This takes away the positive effects of reducing your carbs intake. However, when you are in ketosis, the protein you consume will not be converted to glucose. This provides the ketogenic diet and edge over regular low-carb diet.




Best Pre-Workout Options for Women

Women who are serious about working out for burning fat and getting toned should definitely opt for pre-workout supplements. These pre-workout supplements energize the body for workouts and provide optimal results. There are many different types of pre-workout supplements in the market thus making it difficult to come at the perfect choice. For a more in depth review of the best pre workout for women in 2019 check out what the team at fitnessequipment reviews has to say. Here are some of the best pre-workout supplements for women below:

Alpha Gx7

Alpha Gx7 is a very popular pre-workout for women. It contains high quantity of citrulline malate and beta alanine along with other high-quality ingredients. It is one of the most powerful pre-workout in the market and provides prolonged energy which is great for intensive cardio workouts. It does not contain any kind of fillers or junk which makes it an ideal pre-workout. It is available in cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry flavors. The simple ingredients of Gx7 make it perfect for beginners.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

This Optimum Nutrition pre-workout contains moderate levels of caffeine-175mg- which is just adequate to provide energy to the users without leading to crash-and-burn. It has a complete and holistic blend of ingredients to provide the required energy for women before workouts. It has B complex blend which provides energy and other ingredients which support muscle growth and repair. Another added advantage is that this pre-workout contains vitamin D which many women do not meet their requirements of which may cause weakened bones and decreased immunity.

IdealLean Pre-Workout

IdealLean is the perfect pre-workout for women who plan to lose weight. It has unique blend of ingredients which increase the body metabolism. Another advantage is that it does not contain excess caffeine and consuming it will make the users energized without any caffeine-related side-effects. It contains high levels of citrulline malate and provides long-lasting energy. This pre-workout is targeted towards women who want to burn fat and lose weight without taking too much caffeine.

FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout

FitMiss Ignite pre-workout offers increased energy during workouts and leads to faster fat burning. It contains beta-alanine and contains ingredients which are good for stimulating the body metabolism and lead to weight loss. It does not have any harmful side-effects and is a good pre-workout for women wanting to burn fat for faster weight loss.


The EVLution ENGN SHRED pre-workout has been designed for weight loss through thermogenesis. It contains combination of caffeine and cayenne which is known to increase fat metabolism. It dissolves in water easily and its effects kick in quickly. It tastes good and is formulated to burn fat. It is the ideal pre-workout for women looking for doing intense cardio to burn fat.

Nautilus t616 Treadmill Review

The Nautilus t616 is a premium treadmill which offers great features. It comes with convenient foldable design and Bluetooth-enabled consoles for syncing and tracking of workout data. The build quality is also excellent. The descriptive review of the treadmill is provided below.
Some of the key pros of the Nautilus t616 treadmill are as follows:

Convenient Design

One of the biggest advantages of this treadmill is its Soft Drop folding system. This allows the users to release the running belt from folded position without having to guide it along the way to the ground. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use. The treadmill is lightweight and compact and also comes with transport wheels which makes it convenient to move.

Variety of Compatible Programs

This treadmill model offers 26 programs for the users to choose from. The different programs offered are manual, quick goal, heart health, weight control, interval, and train. Each of these programs are meant for specific workout goals and they can be preset as per the user’s requirement.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Nautilus t616 treadmill comes with Bluetooth connectivity which allows the user to sync their data to fitness app for tracking. The workout data can be seamlessly synced to apps like Nautilus Connect ™, Nautilus Trainer ™, MyFitnessPal etc. The workout data can be regularly monitored to assess the progress made on the fitness goals and it allows the users to make necessary changes to their workout regime.

Loaded Console

The console is fully loaded with features. The customers get a fan, audio system, plethora of programs and other features. The incline keys are located on the left of the console while the speed keys are placed on the right side. There are also one-touch keys for controlling the workout programs. The rich console of the t616 treadmill is worth considering its price point.


The treadmill has few drawbacks also which are as follows:

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the Nautilus t616 treadmill is only 300 pounds. There are other treadmills in the same price range which offer greater weight capacity.

Display Screen

The console though fully loaded, can be difficult to use and read due to crowded panel controls. The two display screens are small and sometimes can be difficult to read.


The Nautilus t616 is an excellent buy in its price range of under $2000. It provides Bluetooth-enabled consoles, folding design, and a host of programs for different workout schedules. It can be used for different workout regimes and is a reliable treadmill.

Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Churning on a home stationary bike your legs means you are likely to lose an extra belly bulge. This is much better than abs crunching. Exercise, especially cardio helps losing fat residing in the belly deep and in gaining lean muscle. Following a program consistently helps weaving steady riding and at intervals you may burn calories, thus stimulate burning fat to get slimmer.

Steady-State Riding

If you are new to exercising on a stationary bike, consider a regular routine for 30 minutes for five to six times a week as moderate intensity cardio.  Do this as a workout by riding a sf-b1110s indoor cycling bike.  If you are unable to commit for straight 30 minutes to stationary biking, it is best to take a break for 10 minute intervals and yet gain health benefit such that the calories burn and helps in reducing belly fat.

High-Intensity Cycling

Managing regular pace riding means working for few weekly pedaling sessions. it has revealed that overweight participants working at high intensity per week at two workouts and at three workouts ranging from low to moderate intensity, lost more belly fat than people working at all workouts. This is because the increased fat loss happens despite participants burning calories with each workout.

Pedaling your bike, increases the resistance level at the workouts. Consider 20 to 30 minutes of high intensity pedaling raising to 75% your heart rate. You will be puffing and huffing, while the effort is worth when you see the girth going down.


Interval Training

Going steady with exercise offers fat loss, but with high intensity cycling taking intervals will turn your fat burning engine up. The interval training helps ridding fat as it is more powerful. It is even paced, rids off belly fat with moderate workouts.

Every workout or interval training of high intensity also should have an inclusion of bike exercising. Use in place of steady workouts, while it should have moderate intensity pedaling.

Intervals on a stationary bike:

 Step 1: Warm up at low resistance for 5 to 10 minutes. Feel the joints awaken and the increase in blood flow. Your heart rate will rise for good.

Step 2: Pedal for a minute or two with intense pedal stroke and higher resistance. Feel a rise in heart beat, eventually becoming breathless.

Step 3:  After 1 to 2 minutes pedaling, get back to easy effort, alternate high and low-intensity intervals.

Step 4: Conclude with 3 to 5 minutes of pedaling as cool down.

Best Gym Gloves Available in 2019

Gloves are an important element of the gym accessories. They protect the hands from pain and resulting injuries from the workouts. It reduces the stress on the hands while working out. Some of the best gym gloves available in 2019 are as follows:

Trideer Weightlifting Gloves

Trideer weightlifting gloves are one of the most versatile gym gloves in the market. It can be used for weightlifting, cycling, bodybuilding etc. These are designed with high-quality fiber which makes them very durable and last for a long time. these gloves are also lightweight. It comes with dual adjustable Velcro straps for better stability. The silica gel palms provide great grip and the 18-inch wrap provide excellent support and safety to the users during workout or other forms of outdoor activities.

Harbinger’s Men Weightlifting Gloves

These gloves are quite elegantly designed and are way ahead of the competition in terms of the designing and visual aesthetics. Harbinger’s men weightlifting gloves are the ideal combination of design and functionality. The leather palms offer excellent grip for weightlifting and most other intense workouts. The soft paddings on the finger and palms provide good comfort. The adjustable wrist closure on these gloves gives added grip and stability during use. The integrated performance mesh provides good durability and flexibility.

Pseudois Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves

The Pseuodis men’s weightlifting gloves have been designed for heavy workouts. The wristband in these gloves provide better protection to the wrists while intense workouts. It is made from durable materials which will ensure its longevity. It can also be easily washed regularly which will help keep the palms dry. It comes with anatomical relief pads to cut down on hand fatigue and blisters. It has anti-slip material on the palms for enhanced grip. It comes with Velcro-type adjustment to fit any hand size.

Scott Evo 2 2019 Weightlifting Gloves

The Scott Evo 2 2019 weightlifting gloves are popular and one of the best gloves in the market. It comes with adjustable straps and gel padding inside to provide excellent comfort during workouts. It fits any hand size perfectly and has very good grip. It provides good support to the wrists and is durable gym glove made from high-quality material and craftsmanship.

Beace Gym Gloves

The Beace gym gloves provide full protection to the hand and reduce the risk of injuries and pain. It is made from leather and has foam padded soft cushion for extra comfort. The mesh is made from breathable material which keeps the hands cool and dry during workouts. The double-layered stitching adds to the durability of the gloves and the anti-slippery material used offers good grip.

Best Places for Surf Holidays in South America

South America is home to some truly amazing surf destinations. With more than 144,000 miles of coastline, it offers a scintillating experience for tourists looking for a surf holiday. Some of the best places for surf holidays in South America are as follows:

Mancora, Peru

Mancora is the most popular surfing spot in Peru. It is famous for its lively nightlife and consistent surfing conditions. It is ideal for people of various surfing skills. On a trip to Mancora, you can also take some time out to travel south to visit other globally famous surfing spots- Cabo Blanco, Lobitos, Chicama, and Huanchaco. The best time to visit Mancorna is across the year but the best waves can be experienced between October and April. However, surfing is far more enjoyable during the summer period between December to April.

La Paloma, Uruguay

La Paloma is a small and quiet town in Uruguay surrounded by natural beauty and coasts. The small town provides one of South America’s best beaches and a peaceful environment for you to enjoy. La Paloma provides excellent waves for you to enjoy your surfing holidays. The waves are due to its peninsula which faces south and creates two large bays. Uruguay is a developed country in South America and located close to Buenos Aires which attracts more tourists to this location. You can combine the surf holidays with a happening nightlife if required. The best time to surf in La Paloma is from October to May.

Nuqui, Colombia

Nuqui is the surfing capital of Colombia’s beautiful Pacific coastline. It has many excellent surfing points which attracts tourists from all over the world. The town is very remote and can be reached by car or airplane from Medellin. A boat will be the best mode of transport from Medellin to get to the surf breaks. Located north of Nuqui, El Valle is only accessible by boat and is famous for its consistent surfing conditions and secluded beaches. The best time to surf in Nuqui is between June to October.

Santa Catarina, Brazil

Santa Catarina is a state located in Brazil and is popular for surf holidays. It was discovered by mainstream surfers in the 1970s and since then it is a popular destination among surfers. The location can handle about 50 surf breaks which can handle different swells, wind conditions, and tides. It is also known as the surf capital of Brazil. The location offers something for every tourist. Praia Joaquina offers the most consistent waves on this island. The best waves are found between March and November, with the largest waves occurring between June and August. Here the water is a bit colder than other parts of Brazil at 18-26 degrees.

What dumbbells are recommended for your home gym?

A set of dumbbells with two bars and several discs (at least 20 kg) will surely be the best and cheapest option you have if you want to gain a decent amount of muscle mass from home.

Here we will give some recommendations for your home gym.

Determine the weight

As you progress with your bodybuilding exercises at home, you need to go by adjusting the weight of the dumbbells. Although you must also be clear about which muscles you most want to work with.

For example, if you want to strengthen and tone your arms but you are a person without much body mass, ideally you start with a weight that reaches 5 to 15 kilograms. With these, you will work for a long time.

In case you need dumbbells to exercise your entire body, you will need models that offer greater weight. For example, if you perform squat training you can load 20 to 40 kilograms.

Therefore, it is important that before buying a model you determine what weight you need to train.

Look at the model

There are dumbbells designed for beginners, as well as others that were created for professional athletes. It is also possible to find exclusive models for men or women. Always look at this detail, because not considering it could be a big mistake.

Establish the space you need

The characteristic of the weights is not the only thing you should consider before making the purchase. The space you have in your home is also important so that these fitness pieces do not get in the way of the home.

If you opt for an adjustable dumbbell kit, space is not likely to be a problem. But if you’re considering opting for a fixed weight, you should not ignore this detail, because these models tend to be larger.

The shape of the cufflinks

Many do not believe that this is a factor of great importance, but some people prefer dumbbells with hexagonal shapes because they provide greater comfort.

And it is that the shape of these models prevents the weights slide on the floor after finishing a session or with the routine of exercises with weights at home. This usually happens with dumbbells in a traditional way when the ground has some unevenness.

Never forget the material

Apart from the rubber, in the market, you will also find dumbbells made with other materials such as plastic or neoprene. This last one is highly recommended to make weights at home, thanks to the fact that they can be worn without gloves and guarantee greater protection in the grip area.

What are the best basketball shoes in 2019?

You can make a selection by yourself in case of buying basketball sneakers, initially. It can be difficult for you to choose the best brand. But you can know it only by checking on the internet about the latest addition, watching the videos, knowing its price along with the perfect size. It is completely a matter of days to get your best pair of basketball sneakers.

Is it important to buy good basketball shoes?

These shoes will help in gripping upon the surface of the court lets you perform good position and balance. Also, it will give a good amount of safety and decrease the level of stress over the knees and also on the feet. It also provides a good handling power and safety to the ankles so that don’t fall over rolling. With all these benefits one can win the game very easily.

Here there is a great value for money basketball shoes for this year, 2019 that are trending all over the world, crashing the market records and making all the players go crazy over it by all chance :

Vol. 3 Harden by Adidas:

This addition of Adidas has an amazing cushion layer and top-notched tract. These shoes are the ultimate choice for all basketball team players, having a different set of positions. It can make you feel the value of the basketball ground/court and let you experience freedom making the dream of winning the game come true.

Crazy PrimeKnit by Adidas:

These are comfortable shoes having soft cushion pad and great quality material. It also has a great tract. These shoes are suitable to all kind of players having different positioning.

Lebron 16 by Nike:

These shoes let you balance accurately while playing the game. It has a great tract which works on all surface having a good quality material on it.

Jordan CP3 XI:

These shoes have great traction, by which it makes really easy to balance in the game. It has fitted well to all basketball lovers and is suggested especially for creating sharp crossovers and give any player complete winning results.

Kobe 1 (Zoom) proto by Nike:

They have high-quality supportive leather, good tract and also zoom air cushion pad. Though being a great pair of shoes but they are especially suggested for school tournaments and make the player win the game. What are the best basketball shoes in 2019?

Crypto games review

Are you a gamer? If you are, then you must have noticed that very few games (if any) offer you a chance to earn from your gaming skills. However, technology has given rise to crypto games, which give you an opportunity to earn from your gaming skills.

What is crypto gaming and how does it work?

You are probably wondering what crypto-gambling games are. Well, these are block chain-based games which are played in crypto gaming sites to increase the amount of crypto currencies in your possession. There is a long list of such games. They include cryptokitties, cryptozombies and cryptobots to mention a few. Joining the crypto gaming world is a simple process. You must first identify a suitable site (commonly referred to as crypto gambling sites) and signup as a member. For example, Next, you are required to convert cash into crypto currency. Crypto currency simply refers to electronic money. For instance, bitcoins, litecoins, namecoins and swiftcoins are all examples of crypto currency.  Finally, choose a game to play and there you have it! You can now gamble alongside others and stand a chance to win lots of rewards.

Advantages of crypto gaming

Unlike other gaming platforms, crypto dice games give you an opportunity to earn. Why should you waste your gaming skills on games that do not add any value to your financial status? It is wise to invest your time and skills into crypto games to earn yourself some extra cash.

Reliability- crypto games are reliable when it comes to payment. Each site has devised ways of ensuring that the transactions made are transparent and accountable. Therefore, you can count on it to deliver payment in time.

Fairness- sites offer fair games to anyone who is willing to participate. These games come in different forms and users get to choose the best games for themselves.

Security- crypto currencies are a safe way of transacting. This is made possible by the fact that the existence of crypto currency is based on block chains, which guarantee a high level of security for your digital assets.

So, if you have not enrolled in this new opportunity, this is the right time to do so. Go out there, sign up and get started with crypto gaming. Be sure that you’ll get a whole new gaming experience. I guarantee that you will not regret it.