Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Churning on a home stationary bike your legs means you are likely to lose an extra belly bulge. This is much better than abs crunching. Exercise, especially cardio helps losing fat residing in the belly deep and in gaining lean muscle. Following a program consistently helps weaving steady riding and at intervals you may burn calories, thus stimulate burning fat to get slimmer.

Steady-State Riding

If you are new to exercising on a stationary bike, consider a regular routine for 30 minutes for five to six times a week as moderate intensity cardio.  Do this as a workout by riding a sf-b1110s indoor cycling bike.  If you are unable to commit for straight 30 minutes to stationary biking, it is best to take a break for 10 minute intervals and yet gain health benefit such that the calories burn and helps in reducing belly fat.

High-Intensity Cycling

Managing regular pace riding means working for few weekly pedaling sessions. it has revealed that overweight participants working at high intensity per week at two workouts and at three workouts ranging from low to moderate intensity, lost more belly fat than people working at all workouts. This is because the increased fat loss happens despite participants burning calories with each workout.

Pedaling your bike, increases the resistance level at the workouts. Consider 20 to 30 minutes of high intensity pedaling raising to 75% your heart rate. You will be puffing and huffing, while the effort is worth when you see the girth going down.


Interval Training

Going steady with exercise offers fat loss, but with high intensity cycling taking intervals will turn your fat burning engine up. The interval training helps ridding fat as it is more powerful. It is even paced, rids off belly fat with moderate workouts.

Every workout or interval training of high intensity also should have an inclusion of bike exercising. Use in place of steady workouts, while it should have moderate intensity pedaling.

Intervals on a stationary bike:

 Step 1: Warm up at low resistance for 5 to 10 minutes. Feel the joints awaken and the increase in blood flow. Your heart rate will rise for good.

Step 2: Pedal for a minute or two with intense pedal stroke and higher resistance. Feel a rise in heart beat, eventually becoming breathless.

Step 3:  After 1 to 2 minutes pedaling, get back to easy effort, alternate high and low-intensity intervals.

Step 4: Conclude with 3 to 5 minutes of pedaling as cool down.

Crypto games review

Are you a gamer? If you are, then you must have noticed that very few games (if any) offer you a chance to earn from your gaming skills. However, technology has given rise to crypto games, which give you an opportunity to earn from your gaming skills.

What is crypto gaming and how does it work?

You are probably wondering what crypto games are. Well, these are block chain-based games which are played in crypto gaming sites to increase the amount of crypto currencies in your possession. There is a long list of such games. They include cryptokitties, cryptozombies and cryptobots to mention a few. Joining the crypto gaming world is a simple process. You must first identify a suitable site (commonly referred to as crypto gambling sites) and signup as a member. For example, Next, you are required to convert cash into crypto currency. Crypto currency simply refers to electronic money. For instance, bitcoins, litecoins, namecoins and swiftcoins are all examples of crypto currency.  Finally, choose a game to play and there you have it! You can now gamble alongside others and stand a chance to win lots of rewards.

Advantages of crypto gaming

Unlike other gaming platforms, crypto dice games give you an opportunity to earn. Why should you waste your gaming skills on games that do not add any value to your financial status? It is wise to invest your time and skills into crypto games to earn yourself some extra cash.

Reliability- crypto games are reliable when it comes to payment. Each site has devised ways of ensuring that the transactions made are transparent and accountable. Therefore, you can count on it to deliver payment in time.

Fairness- sites offer fair games to anyone who is willing to participate. These games come in different forms and users get to choose the best games for themselves.

Security- crypto currencies are a safe way of transacting. This is made possible by the fact that the existence of crypto currency is based on block chains, which guarantee a high level of security for your digital assets.

So, if you have not enrolled in this new opportunity, this is the right time to do so. Go out there, sign up and get started with crypto gaming. Be sure that you’ll get a whole new gaming experience. I guarantee that you will not regret it.

WSOP in Las Vegas

Poker is the most popular game in the world and many people use different strategies to win. Poker fever never ends and this is the month of the world’s biggest poker and gambling tournament. The World Series of Poker, which WSOP stands for is the traditional Las Vegas gambling tournament hosting thousands of world’s best gamblers, common people successful in gambling who want to earn money and try their luck, as well as thousands of interested spectators, journalists and tourists. It is a real peak of entertainment in the Sin City. This event, which lasts a bit more than 45 days, brings enormous profit to the city and its industry.

Play: Bitcoin Dice – BetKing

When does the WSOP take place?

This year, the great entertainment started on May 29th and will last until July 17th. The “no-gamble-no-fortune” saying gets its real meaning during this month and a half. Entries are taken months before and only the Main Event attracts several thousand competitors eagerly wanting the jackpot.

How much is the main prize worth?

The main prize is worth several million dollars! World’s best gamblers all hope to win this amazing prize. However, unknown gamblers often beat all the rivals and go home with a large amount of money. This year’s race will also be full of expectations on many sides and definitely full of surprises. Many are even hoping to get the aces cracked bonus. The opportunities at the World Series of Poker are numerous and the luckiest ones will go home with millions.

Interesting things that marked past WSOP tournaments

Each year at least three or four unexpected situations mark the WSOP days. There are several funny, bizzare and interesting facts about previous WSOP tournaments. For example, the youngest gambler who won the main prize was only 24. His name is Fil Helmut. It is even more interesting that he had to shave his head because he misjudged the outcome of the tournament the year he won. They say that gambling addiction is the strongest addiction that exists. Have you ever heard of Johnny Moss? He became famous as he is the only person who was declared a WSOP Champion actually without winning the event. Chris Moneymaker (interesting last name, isn’t it?) won the 2003 WSOP and gave 20 percent of the winnings to his father and used 20 percent to pay his next Vegas trip. This is Las Vegas baby!

Best bitcoin gambling sites to visit

Bitcoin gambling sites can be categorized into live dealer sites, bitcoin slots, bitcoin poker, bitcoin sportsbook and bitcoin dice. Among them, the best sites are:

  • BitStarz
  • PlayAmo
  • Club Vegas 999
  • Betchain
  • us
  • 1xslots
  • Cryptowild
  • FortuneJack
  • CryptoGames
  • 1xBit
  • Nitrogen Sports
  • Power Bet.
  • YOLO Dice.

The most mainstream of them include:

  1. Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen sports, founded in 2012, is an online casino and sportsbook. It is bitcoin exclusive. Nitrogen sports focus on a very narrow range of people by only accepting the bitcoin currency. It is very beneficial in reference to the fact that it offers anonymity to the clients. Besides online sportsbook, nitrogen sports also have online casino. Their casino includes the games like three card poker, blackjack dice, slots and baccarat. But all of these casino games at nitrogen sports are single slot. Other online casino platforms have 30 or 40 slots. Also the casino lacks the jackpot games. Also the quality of game graphics is just average. It also lacks name brand games and dealer games. Hence we can deduce that nitrogen sports casino needs whole lot of improvement. Furthermore, their customer service is very efficient and consists of both free ticketing and emailing services. Both the services are timely and effective.

  1. Yolo dice

YOLO DICE, is an abbreviation for “You Only Live Once”. Yolo Dice, as the name implies, is an online dice gambling game based on bitcoin technology. It is one of the newest dice gaming platform online. It’s very “well developed platform” attributes to its popularity. YOLO Dice gives the player the option to either invest or play. Moreover, the game uses the mechanism of “Provable fairness” which leaves them out of question in case of cheating. Compared to Pros, this game has only a few cons. One of the greatest problem with it is the verification of accounts for large payouts being made. Moreover, there is only one game available on its site, which is dice.

  1. Betchain

BetChain Casino is basically run by Softswiss Game. There are a lot of various slot themes and gameplay interfaces to choose from, which range from the good old classics to few modern 5-reel adventure slots. It is completely licensed under the laws and provides players a chance to play using the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, Ethereum. Currencies as well as other real money currencies such as US dollars and euros.